“Invest Lah!” Has Hit the Major Bookstores!


“Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide to Investing” is now available at selected major bookstores. Currently, the books can be found at:

  • Borders – Westgate
  • Kinokuniya – Bugis
  • Times – Plaza Singapura and Paragon

More major bookstores, including Popular, will carry the books from this week onwards. For more information about the book, check out this page.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the book here. Do “like” us. Periodic updates on where to get the books and other informative videos and articles will be posted up on the page. A contest is also slated to run soon where you can win free goodies. Do keep a lookout for that.



13 thoughts on ““Invest Lah!” Has Hit the Major Bookstores!

  1. i believe there was an type error in your book in page 91. ” if our calculated intrinsic value of a business is actually higher than its current share price, than we would know that a business is under-valued ” . it should be lower , right?

    • Hi kt lim,

      Thank you for purchasing our book.

      It should be higher, as stated in the book. For example, if the intrinsic value is $4 but the share price is $2, the business is undervalued as the actual worth is $4 but the market is selling us for only $2. Hope this helps.

    • Is there an typo error on ” current share count=191.43m” page 171 for Super Group which lead to wrong estimation of intrinsic value of $6.38.
      refer to page 168, it was stated as 557.495m.

  2. page 132 on Framing
    1) 4% increase in salary at inflation of 3%
    2) 0% increase in salary at inflation of 2%

    i think we should choose item 1, right? after inflation , we still have +1% increase in salary yearly but for item 2, our salary will be decreased by -2% yearly. please enlighten.

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